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Search Instructions

    **   Note, if you are a guest, please scroll beyond the first 5 days of data to demo the maps.

    1.  Select the geographical region you would like to search.
    2.  Make a map selection.
           Chlorophyll: Water clarity.
           Sea Temperature: Surface temperature of the water.
           True Color: Imagery showing actual water color and atmospheric data.
    3.  Make a type selection.
           Granule: Earliest available satellite scans. Images may contain weather interference.
           Daily Summary: Compilation of each days data. Weather interference removed.
           3-Day Composite: Compilation of the last three days of data. Weather interference removed.
    4.  Make a time frame selection.
           The last five days of data is available to registered customers only.
    5.  Click Search!!

For a tutorial, click here.

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